Due to a manufacturer sizing issue, the VEYM-USA Jacket is currently not available. It will be posted on our website once it is available again from our vendor. For anyone who has already ordered and receive the jacket, you may request a return and refund if desired. Please contact vanphong@veym.net for further information.

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- Technical: support@veym.net

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League of Chapters Uniform Banner

Lien Doan DMMC is currently not available yet. Banner should be placed on the left shoulder, 3/8 inch or 10mm from the shoulder strap. Chapter logos should be placed below that with the same distance.


Áo Lễ



Youth Scarf - AN

Khăn Đoàn Sinh

Noi Quy 2019



VEYM USA logo t-shirt


Only XXS size available. Other sizes out of stock.
$27.50 $15.00